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Don't be left out in the cold - if you lose power, one of our backup generators is the answer. Keep your home up and running after a power outage with our generators and generator repairs! FREE estimates available.

Get back up for power outages


The loss of power to your home or business for long periods of time can be detrimental to your records, services, or products. With backup generators from manufacturers like Generac, your home or business will have power flowing through them within seconds of a power failure or an electrical problem.

- Low fuel consumption

- Prevents food spoilage

- Keeps your home habitable

- Keeps medical equipment running

- Keeps your furnace running

Please call for an appointment to set up your new residential or commercial generator.


By having us install an automatic generator, you protect your home, your food, and your energy bill. Generac generators monitor your home's utility voltage and, when they sense an interruption, automatically transfer you to generator power.

Residential and commercial customers welcome!

Benefits of generators

Automatic impact

If you're ready to take precautions against untimely or random power outages, give J & C Plumbing & Heating LLC a call today to schedule your generator installation. With our line of Generac generators in a variety of models ready for installation, we'll work with you to find the best generator solution for your home or business.

Generator installation is just a call away

Protect your home or business with backup power

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